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Ukando 4.0.2 Release

PostPosted by Connor » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:04 pm

Released: Friday 18th March 2016


Linden Lab - To SLV Release

    MAINT-1017 (PUBLIC)Script-state reverts when changing running-bit before save is complete
    MAINT-1274 Light texture picker snaps back to initial choice
    MAINT-1338 Slider marker is out of slider after reopening Preference
    MAINT-1392 HUD objects Behave Badly in conjunction with the Mouse Scroll Wheel
    MAINT-1401 Pressing 'Cancel' button in 'Color picker' dialog changes color of prim to the previous
    MAINT-1429 Incorrect display of permissions in Edit Tab while change focus.
    MAINT-1588 Square fonts in OSX 10.8 and above
    MAINT-2199 Using a profile picture texture on prims with texture repeats break texture
    MAINT-2215 Estate tools Apply button remains available after it is clicked.
    MAINT-2233 found 216 duplicated ID errors in notifications.xml alone, and 1 error in panel_preferences_graphics1.xml
    MAINT-2753 User spammed with notifications if SLPlugin.exe can't be found.
    MAINT-335 (PUBLIC) Avatar hangs in space after cancelling teleport
    MAINT-3434 viewer freezes when uploading a large mesh
    MAINT-4018 Mini profile pictures tend to fail to load fully, and sometimes not at all. (In people lists like in group chat lists for example.)
    MAINT-4260 Animated agents at high altitudes randomly show up at 0,0,0 again
    MAINT-4472 Tattoo Layers Behave as No Transfer Even With Transfer Enabled (No Mod No Copy)
    MAINT-4488 (PUBLIC) llTakeControls(*,FALSE,TRUE) prevents left clicks from mouselook.
    MAINT-489 (PUBLIC)STORM-477 changes to LLDir::deleteFilesInDir() preventing various cache and log files from being deleted.
    MAINT-5498 LLUrlEntry regex refactoring
    MAINT-5678 (Importer) materials with spaces in name import with truncated names
    MAINT-5688 Viewer crashes when user in DnD calling to another user also in DnD
    MAINT-5760 Favorites sort order reverts every session and no favorites display at the login screen for single name "Resident" accounts.
    MAINT-5851 PRIM_TEXT/llSetText has no upper draw distance limit
    MAINT-5871 Duplicate Calling Card created for each friend on login - has repro.
    MAINT-5872 System calling card folder 'Friends' always shows up in 'Recent' tab of Inventory whether new inventory or not
    MAINT-5879 (Feature request) Block incoming blind teleport requests from non-friends or to a particular location
    MAINT-5893 Issue with muted agent's attached lighting still rendering.
    MAINT-5903 If selecting "Invite to group" from a resident's conversation tab, their name is not automatically filled into the resident chooser for the invite if they are not on the friends list and not in the same region
    MAINT-5925 Viewer allows you to locally retexture anyones content including attachments.
    MAINT-5933 When a new library avatar folder is created in Clothing folder, folder rename is grayed out until relog
    MAINT-5934 Have to open 'About Land' twice to get parcel ban timings to load in parcel ban list when banned names are not cached
    MAINT-5940 Viewer group info widget query cleanup
    MAINT-5956 Certain dae will not upload with the new importer code - Error: Vertex number is more than 65534, aborted!
    MAINT-5961 Incorrect position of "Delete all" button within "Notifications" floater
    MAINT-5971 Creator and Owner are missing in Object profile
    MAINT-5984 Incorrect cursor position with UI scale >1.0 still exists in Second Life 3.8.6 (305981)
    MAINT-6004 Issue with editing Profile picture in Viewer
    MAINT-6025 For objects I own but did not create " ctrl + z " not working on non-mod objects, but does work fine on modifiable objects.
    MAINT-6041 crash in LLGroupMgr::processGroupPropertiesReply
    MAINT-6042 Audio/Media automatically starts playing again after clicking "Stop All"
    MAINT-6047 Shop button always opens Marketplace in external browser
    MAINT-6066 new crash in LLTransferSource::getID()
    MAINT-6107 Profiles, Search and destination guide all go black when I try and use them
    MAINT-6110 No hovertext (PRIM_TEXT/llSetText) on child prims in viewer 4.0.2 (310545)
    MAINT-6129 (MAINT-RC) Textures on inworld objects will never rez & remain grey if the texture is also used for a group profile image
    MAINT-6132 Error appears while uploading models with texture
    MAINT-6144 Viewer crashes at logout when quitting with CTRL+Q - LLToolGrab::handleDeselect() (lltoolgrab.cpp : 120 + 0x6)
    MAINT-6152 Crash in LLPreviewTexture destructor
    MAINT-6153 Crash in LLVOVolume::lineSegmentIntersect()
    MAINT-6154 Crash in LLVOVolume::notifyAboutMissingAsset()
    MAINT-6160 (MAINT-RC) Viewer crashes when importing most dae files with ImporterLegacyMatching TRUE
    MAINT-6168 (MAINT-RC) Crash in LLViewerParcelMgr::renderParcelCollision()
    MAINT-6177 (MAINT-RC) Avatar cloud texture (cloud-particle.j2c) does not render
    MAINT-884 (PUBLIC) (Spanish) (FORMATTING) Mundo > Acerca del terreno > Opciones: overlapped texts
    MAINT-898 (PUBLIC)Viewer attempts to log in with no password
    MAINT-906 Viewer crashes with enabled watchdog while opening 'About Land' dialog on all Aditi regions
    MAINT-957 (PUBLIC) Double-click Auto-pilot activates for clicks on UI elements, HUDs, some right-clicks

Marine Kelley's - To RLV Release 2.9.17

    Increment viewer version to RLV 2.9.17
    Increment viewer version to RLV
    Fix Don't reset the camera view when moving with the keyboard while sitting on an object (use the Escape key for that)
    Fix Once again, temporary attachments were not detachable at all. And once again this was due to code having been moved behind my back.
    Tweak Allow a smaller Conversations window
    Fix Allow to move HUDs when under vision restriction
    RLV_108 Don't toggle flycam at startup when RLV is disabled.
    Fix RestrainedLoveDoubleClickWear was part of dead code after LL's latest update.
    RLV_107 the "worn legally" notification wasn't sent anymore. This was due to this piece of code not being called for wearables after LL's latest update.
    FixPrevent rendering in wireframe only when one HUD is locked or when our vision is restricted, not when just any attachment is locked.
    FixAvoid a LNK warning for a duplicate implementation of commit_grid_mode()
    Increment viewer version to RLV 2.9.16

- UKanDo -

    Fix by Nicky Perian: Ticket #334. Space navigator is locked as a restriction even with RLV disabled.
    Fix by Nicky Perian: Converted RLV auto accept script permission to Cinder Biscuit scheme to remove dependency on flex and bision. See OPEN-292.

    Tweat by Cinder Biscuits: FIRE-2423 Clicking Copy UUIDs on the build tool will now copy the object's root key only, if shift is held when clicked, it will copy all of the keys. Also, only enable button if we have a selection.
    Restore Edit ->Texture colour picker swatch to its larger UKD size.
    Ctrl+m now opens World Map in mouselook.

Features Added:
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