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UKanDo Release 4.0.1

PostPosted by Connor » Sat Jan 16, 2016 5:44 pm

i]Released: Saturday 16th January 2016[/i]


Linden Lab

MAINT-1390 Top colliders floater reopens itself if it was closed at once after opening
MAINT-1459 For Sale accordion overlaps Estate accordion in Place Profile panel
MAINT-2130 All textboxes, checkboxes are enabled in Build tools after opening without selected object
MAINT-2251 Advanced permissions and 'Open','Pay', 'Buy' and 'Details' buttons overlapped each other in 'Object Profile' dialog with minimum size
MAINT-3491 If ALM is enabled while in wireframe mode, disabling wireframe mode results in a black screen
MAINT-3568 Mac OS X, ALM, Full Bright, Shininess
MAINT-51 [PUBLIC]Default parcel image for parcel without image is loaded in Place profile after second click on 'I' information icon only
MAINT-5268 Rotating an object that's used as grid reference goes crazy
MAINT-5416 you cannot right-click a rigged mesh that's worn
MAINT-5443 Appearance menu does not display gestures in outfit
MAINT-5464 Do not add badge to links that have a port number specified.
MAINT-5488 [Experience Tools] Opening an experience compiled script in an object in an adjacent region fails to show the script is compiled with an experience in the script editor.
MAINT-5495 Drag and Drop no copy items from object contents to inventory creates multiple pop ups
MAINT-5533 The fragment part of an URI is only shown if it contains a query part as well
MAINT-5547 Even more frequent errors when texturing a linkset since the MAINT-4897 fix - "Unable to add texture. Please wait a few seconds and try again."
MAINT-5548 If freeze frame is left enabled, even when snapshot floater is closed, resizing the viewer window triggers a stuck freeze frame state.
MAINT-5556 [VWR] Active listing folder stays listed, with empty Version folder
MAINT-5584 On voice disabled parcel or region, speak button remains disabled in ad-hoc and group voice calls - you can hear but not speak.
MAINT-5588 Make bumpiness and shininess easier to find in the texture tab, with radio buttons
MAINT-5619 Viewer seems to parse LSL syntax file three times, has warnings
MAINT-5670 <icon> should not be parsed in expandable textboxes(Land description, Experience description etc.)
MAINT-5678 [Importer] materials with spaces in name import with truncated names
MAINT-5728 SLM uploading Causing Viewer Crash
MAINT-5738 If "Always Run" is enabled, camming is broken when sitting down.
MAINT-5742 Appearance window progress indicator spins after changing to an identical outfit
MAINT-5743 Remove gpu_table and references to it from viewer packaging
MAINT-5753 Viewer crashes when opening a texture from object contents - LLUUID::LLUUID(LLUUID const &) [lluuid.cpp : 1017 + 0x3]
MAINT-5755 Activating Show Avatar Complexity disables all llSetText (hovertext) until relog
MAINT-5756 Unicode characters in all notification types are stripped out
MAINT-5758 "Ban Member" from the group chatters list context menu is greyed out once you have performed a ban, until you load the group members list from group info.
MAINT-5759 URL links in the UI with non-English characters, diacritics, don't get parsed correctly.
MAINT-5762 Groups - Message about number of groups you can join does not recognize that your account is premium
MAINT-5807 Uninitialized variables in LLModelLoader
MAINT-5821 Giant spew of XUI messages in SecondLife.log
MAINT-5829 About Land floater defect
MAINT-5837 Hovering text is displayed when the avatar is blocked
MAINT-5870 [MAINT-RC] Build floater - Texture mapping drop down overlaps color thumbnail.
MAINT-5876 Facial expressions & "Preview while..." not working in many languages when importing animations
MAINT-5892 [MAINT-RC] Alt camming on rigged mesh makes the camera judder, get stuck or fly off into the distance.
MAINT-5901 Click-to-Walk should work through transparent objects
MAINT-6018 Banning should close all Open URL dialogs.
MAINT-6040 crash in LLFavoritesOrderStorage
MAINT-6060 CEF permissions fix
MAINT-909 [PUBLIC]Opening a notecard with the same name as one that is already open does not work.
MAINT-925 [PUBLIC]Objects called "Second Life" are unclickable & unmuteable via local chat
MAINT-933 [PUBLIC]Show Land Owner color overlay only visible where there is water when rendering of Lights and Shadows is active.
SL-192 Edit Experience Profile shows up once an Exp is acquired
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