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UKanDo Release 3.7.15

PostPosted by Connor » Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:05 pm

    RLV Release 2.9.2

    Skin some more - Preferences-> Graphics tab.
    Region restart countdown floater now displays minutes and seconds.
    Tidy up the Preferences-> General-> Basics panel.
    Notify user when wireframe mode is blocked by RLV.
    Update Icons for Release build.
    Default Web Profiles instead of the inherited RLV UI User profiles.
    Option to change between Web or RLV UI style profiles Preferences-> General-> Miscellaneous panel.
    Update Inventory folder icons.
    Nostalgia Blue skin Snapshot floater, replace a couple of white icons with black ones.
    Update Release Notes URL.
    Black Home icons for Nostalgia Blue skin.

    Plenty of fixes to RLV by Marine Kelley.
    Fixed a bug in Graphics Hardware Settings floater resize code.
    Missing strings for region restart floater.
    Disable "Show avatar name in title bar" checkbox unless logged in.
    Temporary de-rendering objects you have no edit rights to or owned by others pop back right after being de-rendered.

Features Removed:
    Remove RestrainedLoveOffsetAvatarZ slider from Status bar and all related code.
    Remove current Flickr support ready for next instalment of SLShare, which includes the LL version.

Features Added:
    "Report Abuse" option to the various chat context menus.
    Double-click on the mini-map dropdown menu to Preferences-> Move & View panel.
    We now have a "Report Abuse" option in the various chat context menus.
    Added the viewer logo and version number to the progress panel.
    Made the chat text entry widget's background colour differ according to the chat type.
    Optionally show your avatar's name in the viewer title bar Preferences-> General-> Miscellaneous panel.
    Replacement Multi-user login box to replace removed version. - Code by Kitty Barnett, Catznip Viewer.
    Clear Inventory Cache button - Prefs-> General-> Inventory.
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