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UKanDo Release 3.7.6

PostPosted by Connor » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:53 pm

    Latest LL Viewer Release 3.7.6

    Skin - Preferences-> Advanced tab.
    Skin - Preferences-> Move & View tab.
    Skin - General-> Avatar tab.
    Numbers added to sliders on Preferences-> Move & View tab for ease of use.
    Re-add "Turn Around When Walking Backwards" tick-box.
    Toggle Pose Stand added to Top Menu UKanDo-> Pose Stand.
    Warning to disable AO when using Lock feature, added to Pose Stand Floater.
    Resize Camera floater (smaller), & button fixes

    FireStorm Pose Stand fixes and tweaks by Ansariel Hiller.

Features Added:
    New "Camera mouse sensitivity" slider to Preferenecs-> Move & View tab.
    Preferences->Hardware Anisotropic Filtering dropdown menu options replacing simple On/Off tickbox.
    Option to prevent avatar automatically turning to face a selected object (Inspired by FS:Ansariel Hiller).
    Optional V1 behavior so the avatar turns to camera direction after hitting ESC. - FIRE-6357 by Zi Ree.
    Hide my group title option - Kokua/FireStorm.
    FireStorm Pose Stand by Cinder Roxley.
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