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UKanDo Release 3.7.4

PostPosted by Connor » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:28 pm

    Latest LL viewer 3.7.4
    Latest RLV viewer

    Alt-Shift-S now toggles sit/stand.
    Removed multi Username login box for now.
    Default skin changed to Orb Blue. (Starlight skins).
    Add Film menu (Starlight skins) modified.
    Add option to show/hide Film menu – Top Advanced menu & Prefs->Advanced.
    Add Skin Selector button to login panel (Starlight skins).
    Add option to Show/Hide Skin Selector button – Prefs->Advanced.
    Add Linden Default skin to viewer & Skin Selector button options.
    Add original skin back to viewer as an option on Skin Selector button (Nostalgia Blue).
    Reworked Preferences panels, UKanDo tab removed, options moved to existing tabs.
    Top UKanDo menu better organized.
    Quick tidy up in Skins
    Tidy login panel button spacing
    UKanDo menu wireframe shortcut added

    Hide the new status bar widgets when in MouseLook mode.
    Typo in color.xml.
    Help->About Release notes to point @ UKanDo Release Notes URL
    “Remember Password” tick box needs to be clickable
    Logout warning message

Features Added:
    Temporarily derender objects, attachments, and/or avatars until we either change region or log out. {AW::Teapot}
    Added a "Teleport Here" option to go along with the "Sit Here" in context menus.
    Kokua Viewer "Refresh Scene" option.
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