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UKanDo Release 3.6.10

PostPosted by Connor » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:35 am

    Latest LL viewer 3.6.9 - SLShare (Facebook integration)
    Latest LL viewer 3.6.10

    New Image for QuickTools button icon
    New Image for Build button icon
    Area Search button icon changed
    Little tweaks to skin again
    Make FaceBook button "if you want it you add it" NOT "If you don't want it you Remove it"

    Favourites Bar Landmark text now white

Features Added:
    Advanced Build Options with New Floater for Build Menu and Build/Edit floater
    Area Search Overhaul pt1
    Geometry overload limit option added to Preferences Graphics tab to Protect against excessive geometry overloading your graphics card
    Select only copyable objects Added to the Build -> Options menu
    Show each avatar's age in their name tag unless they are older than the number of days specified in preferences
    Show LookAt/PoointAt- includes names on crosshairs option
    Status Bar Hide/Show Marketplace & Buy Currency buttons. Show/Hide NetStats Bar Graph
    View Login Names as well as DisplayNames - In the People panel list menus Option
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