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UKanDo Release 3.6.8

PostPosted by Connor » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:41 am

    LL viewer 3.6.8-release

    Increment: RLV API to version
    RenderVolumeLODFactor can now be increased to 4.0 (Ultra) in preferences, up from 2.0 (High)
    Increase load speed of some floaters by preloading more textures
    Button text from White to Black (Experimental)
    Highlight Blue colour toned down a fair bit
    Auto play parcel media when available - Default to Off
    Play sounds from gestures - Default to off
    World Map New "Clear Selection" button
    Toolbar Buttons floater New "Close" button

    Fixed GNU/Linux build errors
    fix to a slider widget
    Reinstate Auto Updater code (NOT Implemented)
    New Image to skin for widget column headers

Features Added:
    Warning when trying to shift-drag while in edit linked parts/select face mode
    Quicktools Button and floater
    WindLight Skies Crossfade Option
    Added top, bottom, left and right alignment plus text only options to button toolbars
    Option to allow Chiclet bar and/or Notifications to be placed top or bottom right
    [Help->UKanDo Support Group] Menu Option. Open group profile or start group chat if member
    Right Click "Copy To Clipboard" Avatar Name, UUID or Profile SLURL
    Estate Owners/Managers Freeze/Unfreeze and Eject/Ban to the context menu in the People floater
    Estate Owners/Managers "Teleport Home" and "Estate Ban" + "Eject" and "Ban" added to right click menu
    Area Search for Objects
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