So what's the story?

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So what's the story?

PostPosted by Connor » Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:18 pm

Well it all started out with the first UKanDo Viewer which was meant for OSG and Aurora-sim! We removed the login for SL so it couldn't be used.

Then the time came to make it work in SL there were that many changes to make that it was easier to just start again, so that’s what I did, with the latest codebase from the standard viewer! And so the story continues!

The website and the forum! Well that’s a really short story to! After I finish playing with the code for the day, the time comes to build it (compile it to those in the know)! This takes close to 2 hours. I needed something to do while waiting, normally these a load of crap on the TV! That’s where the website and forum come into play!

As and when the TV gets better, you will find BlackRose takes over updating the site and forum as she’s not much of a TV watcher!

So there you have it! Anyways if you're reading this it wasn't all a waste of time so not all bad!
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