How do I use Local Textures?

How do I?

How do I use Local Textures?

PostPosted by Connor » Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:23 pm

If you would like others to get an idea as to how they look! UKanDo includes Flickr uploads so, if you have or open a Flickr account you can upload a snapshot direct from your viewer, then send the url in local chat to a friend!

Downside to Local Textures - Only you can see them!
Upside to local Textures - Any changes you make to the local texture, once you save it, it’s updated in the viewer without you doing anything!


    1. In your Edit window, select the Texture Tab then click the Texture select box!
    2. Select the Local Radio button in the Pick Texture window to see the Add button
    3. Click the Add button to open a browse window on your PC, Browse to the image on your PC you want to use. Select then open that image! Here you can select 1 or any number of images you want to test!


    4. Now click on and highlight any of the images to see them InWorld on a prim!
    5. DO NOT click the upload button until your totally happy with the texture! When you do you will be Charged!!

As a side-note, this works with sculpy maps too!
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