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UKanDo Release 3.6.5

PostPosted by Connor » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:16 pm

    Fixes for the broken avatar Z offset (Marine Kelley/Henri Beauchamp)
    STORM-1948: Fix for Set home to here - screen_home.bmp not saved (Cinder Roxley)
    STORM-1888: Hide Spellchecker Settings floater when Preferences floater is closed (Cinder Roxley)
    STORM-1952: Add a confirmation modal when ejecting a member from a group (Cinder Roxley)
    STORM-1958: Only draw the user's netmap dot once (Cinder Roxley)

Merged Updates:
    LL viewer-release 3.6.5
    Marine Kelley RLV

Features Added:
    Flickr Uploads By Katharine Berry
    TimeZone SLT or Local Time/date ((Default SLT) [Top Menu –> UKanDo])
    Minimap show chat and shout range
    Inventory Allow copy and paste of worn items
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